FS Cosmetics Relaunched as Features & Shades

The makers of FS Cosmetics believe that the Filipina, with the inherent uniqueness of beauty, deserves to have her own line of cosmetics to bring focus to her natural beauty – a makeup line that is tailored to Filipina skin tones and will let the Filipina shine in her own light.

The beauty of the Filipinas has become a rich tapestry, owing to the country’s history, influence and the dynamism of the Filipino culture. This beauty has been raved all over the world and has allowed the Filipina to conquer the global stage and be a trailblazer in her own right.

Features & Shades seeks to offer makeup products to the Filipina that allows her to be authentic and highlight her innate, natural beauty, without the need to mask what she is not. This has been at the crux of the philosophy of the brand in developing makeup that elevates the faces of Filipina – the Oriental or Chinita, the fair-complexioned or Mestiza, and the Morena or Kayumanggi with her natural tan. Each shade of the Filipina is uniquely beautiful and no particular type of beauty trumps the other. Features & Shades exists to serve this uniqueness with the range of makeup that is more akin to the Filipina skin.

Thus, FEATURES stand for the Filipina facial features and skin tones as SHADES represent the array of colors that FS Cosmetics has made available in the market. Features & Shades were fused together to become the new brand name of FS Cosmetics to reaffirm its appreciation and embrace of the Filipina’s unique kind of beauty. With Features & Shades, each shade of the Filipina, along with its nuances and uniqueness is worth celebrating!

Features & Shades Holds Launch Event for Manila’s Top Bloggers

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, Features & Shades held a launch event, aptly titled “Beauty Rendezvous” at Bar 27+ Café at the BGC on March 8, 2016 with Manila’s popular and top-rated bloggers in attendance. Highlighting the event was the unveiling of the new face of Features & Shades – Celebrity Model Ms. Margo Midwinter whose lovely face is also on the March 2016 cover of a newly-reformatted popular men’s magazine in the Philippines. Guests were also treated to the preview of the new Features & Shades Advertisement Commercial showcasing the versatile looks of Ms. Margo Midwinter with photographs shot from the lens of Top-rated Photographer Sara Black.

Beauty Rendezvous was aimed at giving bloggers a chance to get up close and personal with the relaunched Features & Shades, particularly the brand’s wonderful range of products and their amazing qualities. Features & Shades Owner Mr. Edmon Ngo explained the art and science of makeup, from which most Features & Shades product have been developed – a concealer that turns into powder form, suitable for tropical weather and not just for women but for men who need to look good in the camera and on the catwalk; a liquid lipstick whose built-in mirror and illuminating cap was developed as a nifty solution for women who need an instant beauty fix even while on the road and on the go, among others.

Assistant General Manager Hazel Chua-Yao billed the launch event as a platform for the beauty and lifestyle bloggers to discover the unique qualities of Features & Shades Cosmetics, worth sharing to the people that they influence. Invited guests were requested to use the hashtag #beautyrendezvous #featuresandshades #justmakeupjustyou for the event.

Spotted in the event were some of the top names dominating Manila’s blogosphere (and perhaps even beyond): Cristelle Torres of girlandboything.com, Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity, Katsy Faustino of Project Vanity, Camie Juan of wildspirit.net, CJ Surita of frommanilawithlove, Kumiko Mae of lovingsunshine.com, Cat Juan Ledesma of catjuan.com, Freelance Makeup Artist Ces Guerrero, Lissa Kahayon aka Scene Stealer of lissakahayon.com, Merphi Panaguiton of thekinduniverse.wordpress.com, Cre Marin of ABS-CBN, Professional Makeup Artist and Lifestyle Bloggers Julia Arenas of blessmybag.com and Sabs Hernandez of themakeupmaven.com, former Preview Beauty Editor Nicole Romero of beauty&sparkle.com, Blogger Nicole Hernandez, Kally Araneta of kallyaraneta.com and Annalyn Jusay of annalyn.net.

Highlighting the event was a live makeup demo featuring Professional Makeup Artist Yciar Castillo who did a water test on Beauty Blogger Kat Faustino, who called the makeup perfect for summer. Acrylic makeup testers teeming with Features & Shades Cosmetics were also on display for the bloggers to try on and experience. Blogger Sabs Hernandez described the venue as something that would approximate to “makeup heaven,” while Kumiko Mae of lovingsunshine.com described the venue as “on point.” Towards the end of the program, a Q&A followed which allowed Features & Shades executives to share about the brand’s bestsellers and usage of some of these bestsellers, including the concealer.

Cristelle Torres of girlandboything.com described Features & Shades as a very promising Filipino makeup brand. Meanwhile, Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity called on makeup enthusiasts to try out Features & Shades’ Matte Lipstick in Brick, calling it gorgeous earth deep pink that is super flattering on morenas, whereas Julia Arenas of blessmybag.com shared that she is liking the Features & Shades powder blush in Warm Chiffon Shade, which she described as a cross between a bronzer and a blush on for women with either fair or morena complexion.

FS Cosmetics Holds Press Launch at the BGC

Fashion Editors of major Philippine publications graced the press launch of FS Cosmetics on January 27, 2016 at Aracama, Bonifacio Global City where the whole range of fresh and newly-repackaged FS Cosmetics products was presented. Hosted by Celebrity-turned Chef Donita Rose, the press launch was highlighted by makeovers of Make-up Artists/Blogger Ana Isip, who showcased how FS Cosmetics can assist the Filipina create various looks for the many hats that she wears – the Down to Business look, the “On the Go” look and the “Up Till Night” look. Present in the Press Launch were FS Cosmetics Executives.